Speak Up! playlist for 01/31/2023

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Arcade Fire The Suburbs The Suburbs

Hi everyone,

today's episode of Speak Up! is all about the upcoming SFSS election. SFSS stands for Simon Fraser Student Society and represents the students.  In the election you can vote for the SFSS Executive Officers or run for the position yourself.  Vivienne spoke with Peter Hence, the Acting VP Internal and Organizational Development and Rastko Koprivica, the Acting VP Finance and Services, about the election, their position and their experience with the SFSS.

Furthermore, Hazel and Airi, our new interns, did a street interview with the SFU students about the SFSS and their election, tune in to hear what the students knew about the SFSS!

And if you are a student and are interested in voting or participating, check your emails for a SFSS information email or check out the SFSS website.

Check out Peter and Rastko:

Peter Hence : vpinternal@sfss.ca / @peterh.17 ( instagram)

Rastko Koprivica: vpfinance@sfss.ca / @notrastko ( Instagram)

Now enjoy and tune in above!

  • Posted on: 31 January 2023
  • By: Vivienne