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Music Submissions


CJSF normally accepts all formats. That means CD, vinyl, tapes, flexi, digital, usb — whatever. All of our submissions go through a review process before being added into our rotation and library, and the process takes us about 1 - 2 weeks. However, right now we are only accepting digital submissions.


We do not accept singles — only full releases. This can be anything from a 2 song EP / Split, to a triple LP — It just has to be a "full" release. Your 10 song album is a full release, as is your 3 song demo. But the one song you recorded and posted on Soundcloud is not. Exceptions exist obviously; if your release is one long song (for example, Bell Witch's 1 hour long Mirror Reaper) then that is also a full release.


We encourage you to send us as much information about you or your project as you feel comfortable. Please label your package “Attn: CJSF Music Dept.” when applicable. Getting my name right is not necessary, but thanks for the effort. Below are some format-specific details:




Please send Mp3s with a press sheet and make sure the folder has the artist's name and album name — The amount of submissions we get titled "" is silly and it could mean your submission might get lost in the shuffle. You can also send us a link to a free download on Bandcamp. We discourage submissions through Soundcloud or other means as they can be a hassle for us to download. Please do not send us one song and ask us to request the rest of the music; that is a sure-fire way to have your submission skipped over. When sending digital please send us the whole release.




CD's are the easiest for us. Please send us only one copy. Label your CD! Sometimes the cases get lost in the shuffle, so it’s always good to make sure your CD is clearly identifiable. 




We love vinyl, but if you send it our way please also send us a CD or digital download. A handful of our DJs actually spin vinyl, but sending us a digital download or a CD maximizes your plays because it allows all of our DJs to play your music.




Tapes are sweet. I love tapes. But most people hate playing them. So, as with vinyl, please send us a CD or a digital download so your music isn't left on the shelf unplayed because people can't wrap their head around a tape.


Questions, concerns, clarifications can be sent to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Music Charts

CJSF reports a weekly Top 30 to !earshot.

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