Public Relations

Coordinator: Chris Yee | Phone: 778-782-5940 |

CJSF needs to be visible in the community, if it's going to help the community. While that is NOT the most philosophical argument ever uttered, it is the purpose behind the tireless efforts of CJSF's very own Public Relations Department. These efforts include getting the word out about CJSF shows, events, and important happenings.

Perhaps you've seen the CJSF logo splashed across a DJ booth during club days at SFU, or possibly emblazoned across someone's chest while at a gig or while walking around town. The PR department finds creative outlets of exposure such as these for the radio station, even helping promote and produce music shows on campus and around the city. If your creative juices are stirring just thinking about finding or filling a niche in the community where CJSF will be heard by all, then step right up!

Contact information can be found above.