W.I. Culture Shock Future Playlists:

W.I. Culture Shock playlist for 02/04/2018
Artist Title Album Label Link
  1. De Front Page- Duane O'Connor
  2. One Shot- Black Prince Kenroy Smith
  3. Muzzle D Dog- Spicey Tammico Moore
  4. Reparation- Kerine Tiny Williams-Figaro
  5. Tommorrow- Ronaldo London Ganxo King Ganxo
  6. Ferry Tales- Alicia Richards
  7. The Survey- Heather Mac Intosh
  8. Messrs Prat Morgan- Morisha Ransome
  9. Visitation of Maria- Helen Of Trinbago Helen Jones
  10. Yuh Last 24 Hours- Ian Hamilton
  11. Queens & Kings- Stacey Sobers Abraham
  12. Song Of Inspiration- Karene Asche
  13. The Only Natural Disaster- Meguella Simon
  14. Shattered Home- QueenVictoria
  15. The Great Nation- Myron Bruce
  16. Web Of Lies- Rawle Peters
  17. What About Us- Stephen Marcelle
  18. Revelation In Sight- Bevon St Clair
  19. When A Comedian Cries- Khadja K. K. Antoine
  20. Nobody Eh Call- Lisa Roberts
  21. Let Her Go- Maria Bhola
  22. Stand Still- Contender
  23. A Cashless Society- Ezekiel Yorke
  24. Circle Sqaure Science- Kurt Allen
  25. Salvage- Wendy Garrick
  26. Deadbeat- Alana Sinnette Khan
  27. Pull Yuh Weight- Kerice Pascall
  28. Save Ah Life- Sasha-Ann Moses
  29. Wind Of Change- Banjela Addelon Braveboy
  30. Trini Funny- Sugar Aloes
  31. D Circus- Curlissa Charles-Alexander
  32. Playing With Fire- Michelle Henry
  33. A Bell From Ella Andall- Kerice Pascall
  34. People Wake Up- Anthony Johnson
  35. Trinbago Unite- Banjela
  36. Failure Is Not An Option- Eunice Peters Derrell
  37. Change- Hamidullah Wahid
  38. De Glory Days- MBA
  39. Glorified Gangsta- Carlton Louison
  40. Old Is The New Young- Wendell Goodridge
  41. I Have A Dream- Marvellous Marva
  42. D Campaign Truck- Chuck Gordon
  43. Entitled- Manchild
  44. Not Red Or Yellow- Devon Seale
  45. Man Badda- Meguella Simon
  46. Politics The Divider- Nicole Greaves
  47. I Playing Police- Brian London
  48. Rebellion- Mistah Shak
  49. The Best Crime Plan- Bally
  50. Come Leh We Go- Sweet Dutchess
  51. Calypso Capital- Stacey Sobers
  52. Rowley To Rowley- Tigress Joanne Graceful Rowley
  53. Fantasy Island- Mark Happily Married Eastman
  54. Depending On You- Marcello Reid
  55. Wrong Turn- Marcello Reid
  56. Shalli Sings- Shalli
  57. Unrest Nation- Ivan Elva
  58. The Way You Do The Things You Do (Remix)- Ivan Elva
  59. Down In Jamaica- Shalli
  60. Hey Pretty Girl- Maffie
  61. Sorry- Ammoye
  62. Let’s Stay Together- Steele
  63. Walk Good- Jah Lil
  • Posted on: 6 February 2018
  • By: NastyJag Sound