Wham! Bam! EAST VAN! playlist for 09/29/2022

Artist Title Album Label Link
Francis Baptiste Nknim Qaym Ncut (Sing, Dance) Sneqsilx Records
Norine Braun The Mystic Modern Anguish
Jayli Wolf Child Of The Government Wild Whisper
Handsome Tiger Yardman Yardman
Rex Smallboy My Heart Is Broken For Them Little Kids
Jeanette Kotowich Sing Into My Mouth
Dakota Bear Freedom
Cody Coyote Manidoo Dewe'igan
Pat Calihou Blue Mountain
Viper Central Footsteps On Footsteps
Muffdusters Once a Youth Widwio
Rupert Common Stanley Park Veganese Folk-Hop
Snotty Nose Rez Kids I'M GOOD
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On this episode we have an all Indigenous playlist from various genres, mostly local talents as that is what we like to specialize here on The Wham Bam East Van Show.  We also had the pleasure of interviewing Austin Charlie, a student from the Native Education College.  Tune in to hear more local favourites every Thursdays at 7pm and the show repeats every Tuesdays at 3pm.  

Wham! Bam! EAST VAN!

Photo from the Native Education College logo

  • Posted on: 1 October 2022
  • By: DJ Medy