Wham! Bam! EAST VAN! playlist for 08/18/2022

Artist Title Album Label Link
Furniture, The Taken Nothing Away
Tonye Agabana Thought of You
Campfire Shitkickers The Salty Dog
Quasicosm The Retcon Artist
Danny Echo Zeros and Ones
Daddy Issues Bad Touch
Terminal City Rats Queens Year of the Rat
Brains, The Santana Tarantula Santana Tarantula Cleopatra
Rebel Priest Lesson In Love
Muffdusters Magick City Widwio
Program Audio: 

On this episode we will be doing a HALF & HALF show.  The first half we will be featuring a sport theme with interviews from life mentor Chris Sr, Wendy Sinclair from Eastside Fitness, and hockey coach Robin Trainor.  The other half we have an interview with Vancouver's punk queen Bloody Betty and we'll also feature bands playing at ZigFest 22 happening August 26-28 located at a secret island.  And yes, you can only get there by boat!

  • Posted on: 18 August 2022
  • By: DJ Medy