Wham! Bam! EAST VAN! playlist for 07/15/2021

Artist Title Album Label Link
Autogramm I Am A Situation No Rules
Bernhard Adlberger Jimmal Am Tourkos Best of Bellydance Party
Connor William Sloane Keiller Atomic Sunshine
Molly Be Damned Fetch With A Dragon Rise
Dayglo Abortions Cockroaches Armageddon Survival Guide
West Of Hell Infidels Blood Of The Infidels
Audio Asphyxiation
Lowkita I Spy - Lowmix
Buggatti Beatz ft. Dem Rose Boys Count Me In
Getmines, The Teacher Say Lookin' Cool
Man The Wolf Libido Man The Wolf
Electric Demons, The King's Game Demos '13
Getmines, The Van Blues Cruise
Pilsgnar California
Fomites, The Challenger Radical Sabbatical
Program Audio: 

Episode 19

We have four special guests on this episode of The Wham Bam EAST VAN Show - Francesca Sabeya Anastasi from The Shimmy Mob, Connor William Sloane Keiller, Audio Asphyxiation, and The Getmines

Oh wow!  I copied and pasted the names and now this is HOW it's typing...I think it looks cool, so I''ll just carry on...

The Wham Bam EAST VAN Show was interviewing the Getmines and just by chance The Shimmy Mobs were doing their group photo and I asked for an on the spot interview.  Shake your booty and do the SHIMMY!

Connor William Sloane Keiller has his own YouTube channel called The Radioactive Reports, he also creates music and does his own music videos.

Audio Asphyxiation is the collaboration of musicians who just like to jam at the park.  We played a song by Toby Dika and Rachel Dvir.  

And of course, The Getmines!  We interviewed Cliff and Dave and they finally told us what they were getting...lol.  These guys are hilarious!


  • Posted on: 22 August 2021
  • By: DJ Medy