The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 01/08/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Megamall Two-Faced Escape from Lizard City
Kamikaze Nurse Dead Ringers Stimuloso
Omianan Paper Dream Paper Dream
Dumb Pull Me Up Pray 4 Tomorrow
K!mmortal K I'm Mortal Single
Cawston Borderline Single
Sade Awele Elevating Single
Haleluya Hailu Forgive Me Single
AC-PDF The Obvious Answer Pleaser
Swim Team Innocent Hurricane
Program Audio: 

Jesse & Jamie count down their Top 10 Songs released by Vancouver artists in 2022


  • Megamall "Two-Faced" - Escape from Lizard City
  • Kamikaze Nurse "Dead Ringers" - Stimuloso
  • Omianan "Paper Dream" - Paper Dream
  • Dumb "Pull Me Up" - Pray 4 Tomorrow
  • K!mmortal "K I'm Mortal" - Single
  • Cawston "Borderline" - Single
  • Sade Awele "Elevating" - Single
  • Haleluya Hailu "Forgive Me" - Single
  • AC-PDF "The Obvious Answer" - Pleaser
  • Swim Team "Innocent" - Hurricane


  • Posted on: 2 February 2023
  • By: cjsfpa