Speak Up! playlist for 04/04/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Eli Rose 1994 1994
Tasha Angela The One Who Am I
Maisie Peters Lost the breakup Single
Rimon, Rini I Choose U I Choose U
Boy&Bear Southern Sun Harlequin Dream
Donovan Woods On the Nights You Stay Home Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled
Matt Webb Heartbreakers Right Direction
Clodelle Triple Cream Gemini
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Good morning Vancouver!

Today's Speak Up! show is all about sewing. Your host Vivienne had a very special guest on: MaryAn Webb, stylist, designer, teacher and in love with sewing! She volunteers at Our Social Fabric, too and came to our station today, because "Our Social Fabric" is having an amazing scholarship program for young high school students (13-18 years old). Sew Fun(d) is a program that encourages the next generation of designers, helps to build skills, provides creative inspiration and self confidence and widen career opportunities. Everybody can participate as long as they are passionate about sewing!

Deadline is April 7th at midnight, ao be quick and participate!

Besides the scholarship program MaryAn and Vivienne talked about the work of OSF and how important sewing is for our enviroment and what you can do to stop wasting fabric. They also vibed to some fun tunes together, that MaryAn and Vivienne brought to the station to share! ( playlist above).

If you have any questions regarding Our Social Fabric or sewing in general, feel free to contact MaryAn:

Now lean back and enjoy Speak Up! above!

  • Posted on: 4 April 2023
  • By: Vivienne