Rad Radio playlist for 09/28/2017

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Holy Hell Heathens, After 2 weeks away from the studio I'm crawled my way back up to the station with a fist full of amazing events happening this weekend. Horror Films, Ska-Punk, Justice Punk, Cider Punk, Folk Punk, Skate Punk, Celtic Punk, This week's episode and show line up had it all. Make sure you leave your house and go out and support the art that's striving to survive all around you.

  • Subcity Dwellers "1st & 55 ave" - Out On The Streets
  • The Misfits "American Psycho" - American Psycho
  • The Judges "All Rise" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "The Gavel Road" - Opening Statements
  • Crummy "Everytime" - Bitch
  • K-Man and the 45's "I Don't Mind" - Self Titled
  • Los Furios "No Borders, No Flags" - Una Mas
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls "Fire In The Dancehall" - Southern California Street Music
  • Billy Bragg "Ideology" - Talking With The Tax Man About Poetry
  • Billy Bragg "Levi Stubbs Tears" - Talking With The Tax Man About Poetry
  • Billy Bragg "To Have And To Have Not" - Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy
  • Flatfoot 56 "We Grow Stronger" - Black Thorn
  • Get Dead "Dying Is Thirsty Work" - Honesty Lives Elsewhere
  • Agent Orange "A Cry For Help In A World Gone Made" - Living In Darkness
  • Night Birds "Mutany At Muscle Beach" - Mutany at Muscle Beach
  • Night Birds "Son Of Dad" - Mutany at Muscle Beach
  • PEARS "Hinged By Spine" - Green Star
  • PEARS "Cumshots" - Green Star
  • Off With Their Heads "Drive" - In Desolation
  • Off With Their Heads "Their Own Medicine" - In Desolation
  • Fire Next Time "Priophets" - Cold Hands
  • Jesse Lebourdais "The First Time That I Screamed" - Long Winter
  • Larry And His Flask "Muffled Thrums" - By The Lamplight
  • Larry And His Flask "Call It What You Will" - All That We Know
  • Desmond Dekker "Isrealites" - The King Of Ska
  • Desmond Dekker "Jamacia Ska" - The King Of Ska
  • The Spanishtonians "Rudie Gets Plenty" - Rude Boy Ska Vol 1
  • Alton Ellis & The Flames "Cry Tough" - Rude Boy Ska Vol 1
  • The Slackers "Rude And Reckless" - Redlight
  • The Interrupters "Babylon" - Say It Out Loud
  • The Dreadnoughts "The Black And White" - Foreign Skies
  • The Dreadnoughts "Sleep Is For the Weak" - Polkas Not Dead
  • The Dreadnoughts "Za Smierc Przy Jaciela" - Polkas Not Dead
  • Posted on: 6 October 2017
  • By: JonnyBones