Rad Radio playlist for 07/20/2017

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This week I was joined in the studio by The Judges. They have a brand new debut album out entitled "Opening Statements". 8 tracks of pure Justice coming out of the Ridge Radical. I spent the better part of an hour talking with Hargrove Derby & Pint Whipplestork about the new album, the slew of shows under there belts & all the other insanity these pillars of justice have gotten up to in the 5 months since their inception. We also blasted a shit ton of local punk rock to promote the upcoming Rocket From Russia festival, that is happening this weekend at the Media Club. So much rad packed into two nights, definitely not to be missed!

  • Subcity Dwellers "Gastown" - Gastown 7"
  • Class Action "Valkyrie" - Serious Business
  • The Specials "Little Bitch" - The Specials
  • Crazy Baldhead "There's Something" - Boots Embraces
  • The Judges "All Rise" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "Gavel Road" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "Fresh Justice" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "Prison for Profit" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "Useless Witness" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "Fight Court" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "Whole Truth" - Opening Statements
  • The Judges "Bang The Gavel" - Opening Statements
  • Greeen Jelly "Rock and Roll Pumpkin" - Cereal Killer Soundtrack
  • House of Commons "Way Down South" - Patriot
  • Atari Teenage Riot "Delete Yourself" - Delete Yourself
  • The Rebel Spell "4:30am" - Days Of Rage
  • Crass "So What" - Feeding Of The 5,000
  • Raised By Apes "Armed Forces" - Destination Nowhere
  • SNFU "Black Cloud" - If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish
  • Death Sentence "RCMP" - Not A Pretty Sight
  • DRI "The Explorer" - Dirty Rotten
  • Bomb The Music Industry "I'm Terrorfied" - BTMI/O Pioneers split
  • Likely Rads "Hands Of The Spider" - Legends In Demon
  • Trashed Ambulance "Hangover Drive" - A dime for Every Time
  • Trashed Ambulance "Meteronome" - A dime for Every Time
  • Contra Code "Boring Damn You" - SickRad
  • You Big Idiot "Empty Is The New Full" - Happy Thoughts
  • ATD "Phantom Limbs" - A Total Disapointment
  • Aanthems "You Are The Devil" - Die Every Night
  • Skells "Rat Fuck" - Welcome Mat
  • Shockload "Death Of The Middle Class" - No Big d
  • Ellesmere "Mooks" - Dying Scene Comp
  • Isotopes "Total Juicehead" - Nuclear Strikezone
  • Billy Bragg "Ideology" - Talk with the Tax Man About Poetry
  • Billy Bragg "Levi Stubb's Tears" - Talk with the Tax Man About Poetry
  • Posted on: 12 September 2017
  • By: JonnyBones