The Metal Meltdown playlist for 06/10/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
All Else Fails A Dream Of Names The False Sanctuary
Thrash La Reine Du Sang Sur Les Plaines La foi, la loi, la croix
Rammstein Deutschland Rammstein
Majestic Downfall Veins Waters of Fate
Beyond Creation In Adversity Algorythm
Helevorn Aamamata Blackened Waves
Alien Weaponry Rū Ana Te Whenua Kai Tangata
Red Cain Wing of the Crow Kindred: Act I
All Else Fails Wolves The False Sanctuary
All Else Fails Love In The Gloom The False Sanctuary
Lost Nebula Time Travel Paranoia Time Travel Paranoia
Backstabber No Privacy Conspiracy Theorist
The Flaying La Valse du Scorpion Angry, Undead
Striker Summoner Play To Win
Judas Priest Firepower Firepower
Program Audio: 

Interview with Barrett Klesko from All Else Fails.

  • Posted on: 10 June 2019
  • By: doranstein