The Metal Meltdown playlist for 01/15/2024

Artist Title Album Label Link
Display of Decay The Butcher Vitriol
Strigampire Liberty All To Dominate
Pessimystic Burnt Offering Burnt Offering - EP
Display of Decay Malicious Motorcide Vitriol
Damnationis The Fallen Princess The Fallen Princess
Disorientation Dissociation Survival Mode - Single
Display of Decay Art in Mutilation Art in Mutilation
Conspiracy of Blackness Rise Pain Therapy
Beyond God A Siren's Cry The Great Divide
Display of Decay Hot Lead Vengeance Vitriol
Worth Unbound Worth
Degenerator Eternalism The Abyssal Throne
Display of Decay Vitriol Vitriol
Movment The Light Goes Out Reinvention
Elukas Loomad Koos Loomad Koos - EP
Display of Decay Forced Frontal Lobotomy Art in Mutilation
Burn The Evidence Night Terror Night Terror - Single
Overtoun Toxin (Alive at Romaphonic Studios) Alive at Romaphonic Studios - Single
Display of Decay Legion of Doom Vitriol
Iron Kingdom Hunter and Pray The Blood of Creation
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  • Posted on: 1 February 2024
  • By: doranstein