IntraVenus playlist for 10/18/2017

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Angel Haze Cleaning Out My Closet Classick
Weaves ft. Tanya Tagaq Scream Single
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If you are reading this, it wasn't and isn't your fault. We believe survivors and we actively work to challenge rape culture and promote a culture of consent and sexual health education that is inclusive of all bodies. Healing is not linear and your body and expressions are absolutely valid. Thank you to Charis Amy​​ and all of the folks from the SFU Sexual Violence Prevention Office, who put on #ItTakesAllOfUs , it was a big success. Thank you to all of the folks who participated today. In this clip you will hear interviews from the SFU campus community. 

  • Posted on: 24 October 2017
  • By: carolinedoerksen