IntraVenus playlist for 03/01/2023

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Little Mix Power Glory Days
Alaska Reid Big Bunny Big Bunny
Clodelle Burning Tears Gemini
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Good morning Vancouver,

How can I be single and happy at the same time? How can I achieve a certain self love? Is it okay to feel lonely? These questions are answered by today's hosts Pranjali and Vivienne in this episode of IntraVenus. It is all based on the podcast "Call Her Daddy" with the episode "How to be single and happy". If you're looking for more advise about how to be single and happy and a blend of mental health topics and hilarious stories, you should definitely tune into "Call Her Daddy".

They also had a special guest for an live interview today: Graduate student Yasmin Simsek from the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women' Studies. She gave us an insight into the celebration of International Women's Day and shared details about the upcoming march on Sunday, March 5th, that 6 SFU students are organizing for International Women's day.

Check out the march on Instragram : @iwdmarchvan 

Feel free to reach out to Yasmin with any further questions as well :

Now lean back, tune in and enjoy!

  • Posted on: 1 March 2023
  • By: Vivienne