Fundrive 2018

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Thank you to everyone who donated to CJSF's 2018 Fundrive! With the help of donors like you, we made over $9,500 in donations before, during and after Fundrive this year...

Donate to CJSF year-round: visit today!

Our first Fundrive is from Oct. 5 until Oct. 12! We're taking pledges and airing special Fundrive episodes of your favourite CJSF programs, beginning with The Øbservatory on Oct. 5 and wrapping up with Straight No Chaser on Oct. 12.

Come celebrate campus-community radio with us during CJSF Fundrive 2018, and help us reach our Fundrive goal of $10,000: call 778-782-CJSF (2573) between 7am and midnight every day of Fundrive, or donate online at! CJSF accepts cash, cheque and credit card (Visa and Mastercard) payments for pledges.

Why YOU should donate to CJSF!

  • We’re DIY radio – Diverse, Independent, and Yours – dedicated to opening up the airwaves to everyone! We amplify grassroots voices and provide a counterbalance to corporate media, whether through syndicated series like Democracy Now! and Canadaland or through our in-house programming like Speak Up! and ESSENCEtial ConversationsContributions from passionate community members like you go a long way to helping keep CJSF a going concern.
  • We support local, emerging and underrepresented artists of all kinds. For twenty-five cents a day, you can help an invaluable local resource for independent music and arts keep running for a year, all for less than what a Spotify Premium account costs in a month!
  • We're expanding our operations, and planning a move to a new station location in the near future. Your donations will help supplement our funding for these activities, which currently comes exclusively from SFU students.

Fundrive Pledge Levels

Donating to CJSF is easy: simply pledge one of the following amounts - or any amount over $35 - over the phone or online (see below for chart.) 

Donation Amount  Monthly Payment (over 10 mos.)
$120  $12
$160 $16
$280  $28
$500  $50

Donations above $70 will be eligible for personalized incentives from our hosts (chosen by a draw at the end of every show.)

At the $120 level and above, you can pay in instalments over ten months in lieu of a lump sum.  

Stay tuned for more Fundrive updates, including updates on personalized incentives from our hosts: follow us @cjsf on Twitter and @cjsfradio on Facebook and Instagram.


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