The Øbservatory

Electronic • Accoustic • Illusion

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øbserve there is no øbserver, øbserve there is no sound, øbserve there are no voices, streaming from no cloud. claude nein. øbserve there is no this, øbserving this, here now. øbserve there is no self, appearing as the TAO. øbservant servants of no mind, no ego to reflect... the music happens by itself, both artist and the sesh. no cosmic rush of feels and squeals, expressing all that be... ever came and ever left, the lone øbserving "me". si, myself & i agree to freestyle thru the night... the intelligence of everything, will dance my freedom right. i am alive. or am i....? [keep øbserving!...] instagram: @observatoryradio

  • Friday 10pm-Saturday 12:30am
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  • Posted on: 2 November 2016
  • By: evannaw