Department Uno playlist for 10/20/2023

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Ep.39 - "Ambient stylings"

A Produce "The Dreaming Room" - Land Of A Thousand Trances (disc one)
Andrea Bacci "Silky River" - Mystic
Bombino "Alwane" - Sahel
Casey Neill & The Norway Rats "Fall Into Forever" - Sending Up Flares
Eric Hilton feat. Natalia Clavier "Divagar" - Corazón Kintsugi
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble "Breaking Dawn" - Celestial Suite
Omri Mor/Yosef-Gutman Levitt "Movement Thirteen - Let Me Draw Water" - Melodies Of Light
Allison Russell "Snakelife" - The Returner
Abigayle Kompst "The Road" - Recovering Optimist
Begonia "Marigold (SUN SUN Remix)" - Marigold EP
Haley Blais "The Cabin" - Wisecrack
Cassie Noble "The One Who Lived" - Nowhere to Go but Everywhere
Kue Varo "Yip Yip" - Cowboy Witchcraft
Katie Tupper "She Said" - Where To Find Me
A Produce "Land Of A Thousand Trances (radio edit)" - Land Of A Thousand Trances (disc one)



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  • By: cjsfmusic