Department Uno playlist for 09/08/2023

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Ep.34 - "Sea Change"

Zouj x Sahareya "Death of Me (Clean Edit)" - Only Risks
Palm Skin Productions "My Bones But Words" - A Swarm In July
Shamir "Wandering Thought" - Homo Anxietatem
Big Bliss "Solace" - Vital Return
Computerwife "Pathetic" - Computerwife
Sargent x Comrade "Love Someone" - Lo Fi Future
Miss Tiny "The Sound" - DEN7
Mikaela Davis "Cinderella" - And Southern Star
Jordi "odd day" - Sorry I'm Late
Yalene "Best Thing Ever" - En Route - EP
Bully "How Will I Know" - Lucky For You
Cindy Wilson "Wait" - Realms
carina "skew wiff (Radio Edit)" - after the stars
Film School "Don't You Ever" - Field
Moka Only "I Do Rap (Clean)" - In and of Itself



  • Posted on: 2 February 2024
  • By: cjsfmusic