Department Uno playlist for 07/07/2023

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Ep.26 - "!"

Nickodemus "Knockin' (feat. Bad Colours & The Illustrious Blacks)" - Soul & Science
Lunice "Compensate" - Open
Peggy Lee "Boat Ride Into Go Home Bay" - A Giving Way
Pauline Oliveros "C. To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation (Ye" - Resonance Gathering
Terry Uyarak "Tisijumut" - UNNUAQ
Natillas "chanson" - se vienen cositas big things coming
Savage Existence "Steady Blows to the Head" - Savage Existence
Tainted Jazz "Tazzio's Freestyle (Clean)" - The Commencement
Orions Belte "Jai Alai" - "Jai Alai" (Single)
Saxophilia Saxophone Quartet "Fred Stride - Metamorphosis - I. Side by Side" - Metamorphosis
Voice of Baceprot "Kawani" - Retas



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