Department Uno playlist for 06/30/2023

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Ep.25 - "Awh yeah!"

Sister Ray "Teeth" - Teeth (EP)
Mauvey "MY FRIENDS DON'T EVEN KNOW" - Before The Album 2: a brief overview
Joe Farnsworth "Anyone But You" - In What Direction Are You Headed?
Gendered Dekonstruktion "Drive Me High" - Deklination
Emily King "Special Occasion" - Special Occasion
Braids "Lucky Star" - Euphoric Recall
Laila Biali "Corcovado" - Your Requests
Bokani Dyer "Ke Nako (feat. Sereetsi and the Natives)" - Radio Sechaba
Jonathan Bree "Pre-Code Hollywood" - Pre-Code Hollywood
Naya Baaz (ft. Rez Abbasi & Josh Feinberg) "Emancipation" - Charm
Loris S. Sarid "Citrus Walk" - A Tiny Reminder
zeta ii reticuli "teacozy 3" - the teacozy sessions
YoshimiOizumikiYoshiduO "yO Me" - To The Forest To Live A Truer Life
Y La Bamba "Hues (feat. Devendra Banhart)" - Lucha



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