Department Uno playlist for 04/28/2023

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Ep.17 - "Quickly Now"

Mighty Poplar "Grey Eagle" - Mighty Poplar
Nabihah Iqbal "This World Couldn't See Us" - This World Couldn't See Us
Waxfed "Frank Zamboni" - Waxfed
WHALES TALK "Ottawa Rockstar" - Eternal Sunshine
The Composers Collective Big Band "Non-Sequitur" - The Toronto Project
Gentle Party + Devours "Unsafe (Devours Remix)" - god:complex re:mixed
Andrew Gabbard "Surfboard City" - Cedar City Sweetheart
Róisín Murphy "CooCool" - s/t
The Soul Motivators "Jim Nasty" - Do It Together
Royel Otis "I Wanna Dance With You" - Sofa Kings EP
TDJ "Stay High" - BACK TO 123
The JuJu Exchange "Convo" - JazzRx
VAV JUNGLE "Televisionless" - OUI CAFE
Mivos Quartet "Reich: Different Trains - I. America – Before the War" - Steve Reich: The String Quartets
Paul Chin "Hype Industrial Complex" - And Under Heaven We Are All Made Of Water
Planet Giza "Think Of Me" - Ready When You Are

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  • By: cjsfmusic