The Blurred Crusade playlist for 12/18/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
uk subs riot the very best of...
the clash janie jones the clash
pray for rain taxi to heaven sid & nancy soundtrack
sid vicious i wanna be your dog sid sings
iggy pop break into your heart post pop depression
purlicue tangerine dip 'n dot
daytona like heaven chicane
she wants revenge tear you apart she wants revenge
spectres strange weather utopia
joy division shadowplay unknown pleasures
sceaming at traffic they call me thrillhouse i don't like sports
social outcasts eat the rich 3 chord chaos
the sound sense of purpose from the lion's mouth
sex pistols submission never mind the bollocks
buzzcocks why can't i touch it? singles going steady
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The Blurred Crusade w/ TODD Episode #38
The Blurred Crusade (the best in punk & post-punk)

  • Posted on: 22 December 2019
  • By: todd09