The Blurred Crusade playlist for 11/29/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
the clash guns on the roof give 'em enough rope
the clash tommy gun give 'em enough rope
killing joke eighties night time
doa liar for hire 1978
i braineater edge artist poet thief
si monkey the conquest of daytime vancouver independence
glove & ghost distress signal found numbers station
dear vandal you promised you were there
wet leg wet dream wet leg
apples loose to the world about the future
the smiths unhappy birthday strangeways, here we come
the church the hypnogogue the hypnogogue
social outcasts day to night beneath the sleeping city - volume one
fontaines dc i don't belong a hero's death
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The Blurred Crusade (the best in punk & post-punk)


  • Posted on: 29 November 2023
  • By: todd09