World Radio Day 2015

David Swanson

Join CJSF 90.1 FM on Thursday February 13 from 5am – 5 pm for a World Radio Day special broadcast.

Some of the topics we will cover include the history of Canadian radio, the history of CJSF 90.1 FM, radio in Ethiopia, French broadcasting in Canada, women in radio, the rights media work of Journalists for Human Rights in African post-conflict countries and more much! Tune in and celebrate the power of radio!


February 13, is the 4th annual World Radio Day. The purpose of World Radio Day is to “raise awareness about the importance of radio, facilitate access to information through radio and enhance networking among broadcasters,” –  

Radio has an inherent democratic nature that other mass mediums cannot replicate. It cost little to produce and can reach remote and often at risk communities that do not have a developed telecommunication infrastructure capable of supporting the Internet or television. It is a forum for public discussion facilitating dialogue that isn’t presupposed by someone’s socio-economic status or level of education.

Check out to listen to the World Radio Day Archives.


5a - Radio Music - Beau and Madi
6a - Popular Music from Radio around the World - Nick Legasse (Wandering Rhythms Mon 12p)
7a - Russian Radio Hits - Ludmila
9a - Radio Music - Madeline and guests
10a - A History of Radio w SFU History Sylvia Blake - Annie Roach (Arts Edge Sat 6pm)
10:20a - Syrian Radio Soap Opera -Dan McPeake (Endeavours Mon 5pm)
10:37a - Journalist for Human Rights: Radio Stories From Africa - David Swanson (The Swan Song Mon 7pm)
11a - Democracy Now: Pacifica Radio
12p - CJSF Radio: Our History - Beau Bridge (Culture Club Weds 1pm)
12:30p - Jesse Thorn: Youngest Nationally Syndicated Radio Host/MaximumFunlorg - Maegan Thomas, Talk Coord
1p - Women in Radio - Madeline Taylor (IntraVenus Weds 4p)
2p - Radio in Ethiopia - Melaku Mekonan (Tana Radio Thurs 930p)
3p - French Canadian Broadcasting - Marc & Paola (Franco Delice Fri 3pm)
4p - Voices of Community Radio - Maegan, Darren and the National Community Radio Association
5p - Interviewing the CBC - Rebecca & Lucca (EssenceTial Conversations Fri 5p)

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