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When we landed, we were met by Nain’s brass band. It was really cool because a lot of the songs they played, I have heard on recordings, and to hear it live and in person is something else. What a treat! And how often do you get greeted by a brass band? The band originally was derived from the Moravian church that came to the community to teach them about the Moravian religion. According to the residents of Nain, these people would not only help counsel people in their problems and guide them through their religious beliefs, but also help with certain laws and ensured that the community got along and ran smoothly. In the olden days, the brass band would practice no matter how harsh the weather. No matter what they would always practice and made it a habit, a weekly tradition to travel round town and play music, so everyone can enjoy the sound of brass. Today the brass band is having a revival since it died for many years after the Moravian church left. Now the community is too spread out so they do their brass band concerts in the church or in more common areas of the community rather than walking around. It’s great to see that they’re bringing the brass band traditions back. I also learned that just like in Hopedale, the Moravian ministers have left their people here after the RCMP and the government came to the region. A little history lesson from what I understand: earlier in the 20th century, when the residential schools came into being, RCMP and government officials came to these small communities to enforce laws and ensure that the people would send their children to the residential schools. When that happened, Moravian missionaries left since many of the roles that they once played, such as helping run things, were now being done by the RCMP and the federal government. These were dark times for the people in these Northern communities just like in Nain. Even today after the residential schools have closed, the people in Nain along with other communities such as Hopedale have been asking the Moravian church ministers to come back. But since there is no money, the Moravian church ministers have not returned, and so each community is doing the best they can to practice the religion and to run services despite not having a minister. There are people in the community who have stepped up and volunteered to do the duties that were once done by the minister. It’s amazing how people in the north find ways to thrive and to do what is needed despite not having ideal situations or lack of resources and support.

  • Posted on: 3 August 2017
  • By: cjsfpa