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Tony had a chance to meet with the C3 Expedition's ever busy chef, Anne Desjardins, for a brief interview. He learned that she was responsible for the new trend of using fresh ingredients provided by local farmers in restaurants today. She is a trend setter and pioneer. She is so unbelievably humble and Tony would not have realized her accomplishments had he not asked her directly about the history of her life. She has the talent of making local ingredients into magical creations that not only taste amazing but are also very healthy. Anne Desjardins is a woman who found her way despite adversity and worked hard to get where she is and is a very good example for what Tony believes he must do in his life.  Anne Desjardins is a Senior Chef Consultant in hospitality and agribusiness and a geographer. Anne has been the Chef and co-owner of Restaurant-Hôtel-Spa L’eau à la Bouche, Que. for 34 years. She is a Knight of the National Order Of Quebec and has gained a reputation and credibility at the highest level as a member for 20 years of the reputable Grand-Chef & Relais & Châteaux. 

  • Posted on: 27 July 2017
  • By: cjsfpa