WaveStation playlist for 04/16/2022

Artist Title Album Label Link
Silver Jews Sufferin Jukebox Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
Tonk Condo Songs to Glorify the Peasant and His Tractor
The Sadies Another Day Again Darker Circles
Jackie Shane Slave for you Baby Slave For You Baby / Chickadee
The Estimations Heart of Stone Heart of Stone b/w Don't Go Kissin' My Baby
Ronnie Spector Try Some, Buy Some bw/ Tandoori Chicken
Brutal Poodle Drainage ~
The Amps Bragging Party Pacer
Demps Fine Demo
Neo Boys Rich Man’s Dreams Neo Boys
Kleenex Ain’t You Ain't You / Hedi's Head
The Rats Nightmare Intermittent Signals
Rick Agnew Surfside All By Myself
The Saints One Way Street (I’m) Stranded
Johnny Moped Incendiary Device No One / Incendiary Device
Pack Rat A Casual Death Glad To Be Forgotten LP
Wine Lips Eyes Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party
NOBRO Bye Bye Baby Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar
White Stains Laughing Gas Blood On The Beach
Negative Approach I’ll Survive Tied Down
Denial of Life Labyrinth Scheming to Suffer
The Diodes Survivors Action/Reaction
The Red Stains Smile! single
Holograms ABC City bw/Hidden Structures
Nation of Language Gouge Away bw/ one more time
Haunt Me The Devil’s Arithmatic Vampires At Your Door
Schedule 1 Paint it Red ST
Bonnie Trash Shades of You single
Special Interest Street Pulse Beat The Passion Of
My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult A Daisy Chain 4 Satan Confessions of a Knife
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Wavestation Resurrection
Back on air tonight!!  with special guest Adam.

  • Posted on: 30 April 2022
  • By: melodiiie