WaveStation playlist for 02/22/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Lhasa De Sala La Maree Haute The Living Road
Highland Eyeway Crystal Spine Single
Stonefield Sleep Bent
Broadcast Come On Let's Go The Noise Made by People
Habibi Stronghold Anywhere But Here
Aoife Nessa Frances Libra Land of No Junction
WUT Hazardous Conditions NOW
Necking Still Exist Cut Your Teeth
Thick 5 Years Behind 5 Years Behind
Baby Washington I Got A Feeling (1962) 45: Hush Heart / I've Got A Feeling
The Gruesomes Ain’t Got Nothin’ Gruesomania
Bloodshot Bill, The Televisionaries Sha-La-Ba “Spit on My Rubber” 45
Ex HEX Rainbow Shiner It’s Real
Endless Boogie Jerome Split 7 Jerome/ Weak Signal
Teenage Head Head Disorder Head Disorder
Amyl & the Sniffers Gacked on Anger S/T
The Dishrags I Don’t Love You single
Zero Boys Civilization’s Dying Vicious Circle
Blitz New Age Blitzed - An All Out Attack
Sunflowers Oscillations Endless Voyage
Lié Drowning In Piss Bugs
SPECTRES Years of Lead Nostalgia
Molly Nilsson Your Shyness Twenty Twenty
Choir Boy Complainer Complainer
Molchat Doma ???? ??????? ~
The Wants Motor Motor
Locate S,1 Personalia Personalia
Alice et Moi Filme Moi Filme Moi
Analytica Blackwing S/T
Jacques Green Do It Without You (Nathan Micay Remix) Dawn Chorus
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Party Boat on a Wave of Mutilation!!

Churning out doomy and dreamy psych-singed, rockin' roll, punk, post-punk, and all sorts of wavey beauties to get the party started.


  • Posted on: 11 April 2020
  • By: melodiiie