The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 01/22/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Rooms Don't Be Yourself Don't Be Yourself
Kathleen Lockhart Yours Truly Yours Truly
Leon Patriz Eclipses Virtual Reality
Soyjoy metal dragons reaching
Rooms i get pulled in Don't Be Yourself
Underpass How Down Do You Fall Red Reflection
Loose Tights bodies unreleased loose tights
Program Audio: 

Besh from Rooms joins Jesse and Jamie at the 312 Main Studio to talk about the latest record Don't Be Yourself, Labour, her musical history and more!


  • Rooms "Don't Be Yourself" - Don't Be Yourself
  • Kathleen Lockhart "Yours Truly" - Yours Truly
  • Leon Patriz "Eclipses" - Virtual Reality
  • Soyjoy "metal dragons" - reaching
  • Rooms "i get pulled in" - Don't Be Yourself
  • Underpass "How Down Do You Fall" - Red Reflection
  • Loose Tights "bodies" - unreleased loose tights


  • Posted on: 26 January 2023
  • By: cjsfpa