The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 03/28/2021

Artist Title Album Label Link
Doohickey Cubicle Sign Here Doohickey Cubicle
Fairything Gazebo (Hold My Hand) Lost Lunar Levels
I M U R Case of You Single
Little Sprout Albatross Fake Cake
Khari Wendell McLelland Roll on Freedom Singer & Fleeting Is the Time
Druiz Dime Single
Leisure Club Hard to Find Single
Hidden Valley Logging Company Secret Circle Crevalle
Program Audio: 

Jamie chats with Daniel Ruiz of past guests Leisure Club to chat about his exciting new solo (ish) project, Druiz, and the life of a drummer in a city where everyone needs a drummer.


  • Posted on: 20 May 2021
  • By: cjsfpa