The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 12/29/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
Apollo Ghosts Guitar Brother Landmark You've Changed Records
Dead Soft Never Forever Dead Soft Kingfisher Bluez
Weed Silent Partner Deserve Couple Skate
Bad Fate Brain Enthusiast Olympic City Radical Clatter
Woolworm Heathen Too Split w/ Grown Ups Debt Offensive
Sightlines Beleaguered Summer EP Alarum Records
Cascadia Josie Level Trust Cruising USA
Douse The Importance of Each Other The Light In You Has Left Toska Tapes
Kimmortal ft Jillthy & Missy D Jungle Single Independent
Evy Jane Sayso Single Independent
Devours Freddy Krueger Honeymoon Suite Late Bloomer Independent
Open Letters How It Is (I'll Have the Milksteak boiled over hard and your finest jellybeans, raw) 1-6 Independent
The Courtneys 90210 The Courtneys Hockey Dad Records
Biawanna Young & In Love Single Independent
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Jesse and Jamie duke it out as they narrow down their list to share the BEST tracks by Vancouver Artists from the last decade!!!

  • Posted on: 2 January 2020
  • By: cjsfpa