The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 01/21/2018

Artist Title Album Label Link
Fake Fruit At the Deli At the Deli Independent
Be Afraid What You Do To Me One More Year Independent
Highland Eyeway Waiting for Your Love Waiting for Your Love Independent
Industrial Priest Overcoats Mantis Boy Self Esteem Junction Independent
shitlord fuckerman december twenty eight hot blood and a house for a head by shitlord fuckerman independent
Kellarissa Ocean Electric Ocean Electro Mint Records
Cruel Sport july shoelaces independent
DEALS Bathrobe Johnny Independent
David Newberry Hopefulness and Truth Replacer Replacer (EP) Independent
Moth Mouth More Special Moth Mouth Big Band Independent
Teak Physique Silicone Sunset living. space Independent
Necking Ford Commercial Meditation Tape Independent
Only a Visitor Feigning Innocence lines Independent
Bad Hoo Confuse Bouche Single Independent
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Jesse and Jamie catch up on all the best new music released by Vancouver artists this month!

  • Posted on: 21 January 2018
  • By: cjsfpa