Typically Tuesdays playlist for 11/09/2020

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Red Velvet Future Start-Up (Original Television Soundtrack Pt. 1_
Gustafson Ushuaïa SINGLE
Ariane Roy Ta main SINGLE
Hansom Èli, Letchi Rift SINGLE
Lysandre Ulysse Maison-Dieu
MIrabelle Magic Spell Late Bloomer
Mind Bath Pray SINGLE
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Is she...you know...the "F" word? (Or what even is accountability anymore?)


This week, Jade and Leslie take a look into K-pop idol Irene's recent gapjil (bullying or power harrassment) scandal and take a deep dive into popular discussions about "accountability" and fandom.What do people think "taking accountability" looks like in the age of Web 2.0 parasociality? Why is it important for fans that Irene "take accountability?" 

Playlist: New, sort of indie, CanCon. (Can you spot what the playlist spells out?)



Tamar Herman's piece on scandal and gender in the Korean cultural industries.

AsianJunkie Blog's entry on Irene's 2018 book incident.

Fedorenko (2015): Politics of Sex Appeal in Advertising: Female creatives and post-feminist sensibility in South Korea.

Hasunuma & Shin (2019): #MeToo in Japan and South Korea #WeToo, #WithYou.

Kim (2018): After the disclosures: a year of #sexual_violence_in_the_film_industry in South Korea.


  • Posted on: 10 November 2020
  • By: lw