Speak My Language

Experiences of Chinese elders' access to healthcare

Speak My Language is a storytelling media arts project highlighting the experiences of Chinese elders facing barriers to access in the BC healthcare system. Created through collaborations between youth and seniors, Speak My Language promotes a greater awareness of accessibility in healthcare, while teaching community members media production skills and building intergenerational connections. 

The audio that CJSF broadcast as part of this series includes an edited recording of the launch event for Speak My Language and the 5 documentaries. Before each documentary, there is a brief introduction by the producer(s) which was lifted from the launch event audio. 

May 5: Launch

May 5: Displaced By Death (prod. Kaitlyn Fung & Sera Bao) 

May 12: Do It My Way (prod. Tintin Yang & Sophy Chu)

May 19: Mei PohPoh (prod. Vanessa Myho & Cassandra Ly)

May 26: Never Too Old (prod. Emily Tsang)

June 2: A Place of Your Own (prod. Jason Yu & Daniel Chen)  


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  • Posted on: 28 May 2020
  • By: cjsfprog