Speak Up, Listen Up, Act Upon playlist for 10/29/2021

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Episode 78 of the PBA Podcast:

Powered by Age: Age-Friendly City Podcast (S3 E28). Our 78th Zoomcast October 28,
2021; Putting out Your Best Voice Possible. Hosted by #CharlotteSistaCFerrell

Charlotte updates the goal for exploring ways to “put our best voices possible” in reading or
creative writing is to increase opportunities to have our work published as audio books or
included in “listening sessions” hosted on websites, such as PBA or community radio stations,
such as CJSF. She invites us to introduce ourselves with a notable event associated with the date
on a coin, and to describe the types of writing we enjoy doing. We share feedback on an exercise
where we read short segment of our own, or others’ work.

Lesley Hebert plays with reading part of her travel story Soccer Fever at different speeds, and
reads it normally later in the podcast.

Neill Ryon repeats the exercise with an extract from The Artists Way by Judith Cameron and we
discuss the goals of these reading exercises.

We give Delsa Degait feedback on a reading of Sad Guru’s advice on fear, anxiety and
We discuss an audio clip from Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Neill read part of his short story Universum Fabulum.

Charlotte provides ideas on how to use collaboration to meet the challenges of self-publishing
and recording audio books – two potentially income-generating activities several of our
podcasters have expressed a desire to pursue.

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada-New Horizons
Program; and G and F Financial Group,

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