Radio Alicia playlist for 03/25/2018

Artist Title Album Label Link
Kownterpoint Marijuana Homegrown Sound (EP)
Massive Scar Era 30 Years 30 Years (EP)
Kais Under My Skin Seven Shades of She
Cawama Outta Sight Sea Sick
AutoHeart Ode Au Désert Fault Lines
Jess Vaira Slip In a Line
The Cavaleros Pistolero Atomic! The Album
A Tribe Called Red The Light (feat. Lido Pimienta) We Are The Halluci Nation
MNGWA Tsunami Vancumbia Ambush
Anarcheon Kissed A Girl Stratusfear (EP)
Bad Canada Time Machine Telepathy Bad Canada
Me Mom & Morgentaler Anarchie Shiva Space Machine, The Second Incarnation: More Than Before
Massive Scar Era Despite My Will 30 Years (EP)
Lido Pimienta Fornicarte Es Un Arte (feat. Melody McKiver) La Papessa
Los Furios Ghostown Tread Lightly
Caracas Fairy Dust Mofo Bring On The Playtime
Lucid AfterLife Don't Waste My Time (Time Killaz) Occult Mafia Mistress
Cawama 4th Dimension Sea Sick
MNGWA La Rumba de Kingsway Vancumbia Ambush
Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra Bella Ciao We Make Really Party
The Cavaleros Mexican Standoff / El Cumbanchero Atomic! The Album
Los Furios Una Más Una Más
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Celebrating SOCANada Day!

  • Posted on: 25 March 2018
  • By: doranstein