Rad Radio playlist for 12/13/2018

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Happy Horrordays Creeps,

 This week I dragged my old bag of bones back into the studio to spin some brand new tunes for you all, along with the low down on all your upcoming shows for this wretched winter weekend. From sweet skanking Rocksteady to Red Hot Licks and Circle Pits, we've got you covered this episode!


  • The Interrupters "White Noise" - The Interrupters
  • The Interrupters "She's Kerosene" - Fight The Good Fight
  • The Interrupters "Leap Of Faith" - Fight The Good Fight
  • Brehdren "Benny Bones" - The Classifieds
  • Los Furios "Let It Burn" - Una Mas
  • The Slackers "This Is The Night" - Wasted Days
  • The Slackers "Old Dog" - Close My Eyes
  • Crazy Baldhead "Revelution.Stop" - Boots Embraces
  • Vic Ruggerio "Parking Lot" - This
  • You Big Idiot "Jessies Song" - Mega Donair
  • The Corps "Greed" - Tales From 2814
  • Rong "Moving On" - Rong EP
  • Modern Terror "Modern Terror" - Ronald McDonald Trump's
  • Off By An Inch "Complete Disaster" - Off By An Inch
  • Lou Danger And The Thrills "I Wanna Thrill Myself" - LDThrillz EP
  • Gun Control "White Hot Lies" - Volume 1
  • Needs "The Only Good Condo Is A Dead Condo" - Needs
  • Russian Tim & Pavel Bures "Alkoholic" - Rocket From Russia Comp
  • Dead End Drive-In "Echo Chamber" - Mea Culpa
  • Dadweed "Say What You Mean" - I Dreamt I Was Running
  • Mooshyface "Dingus On The Floor" - Are You Ready To Be Cool
  • The Highsides "Pack Up The Van" - Put It Out There
  • Rancid "Track Fast" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Ghost Of A Chance" - Trouble Maker
  • Desendents "I'm The One" - Everythign Sucks
  • The Specials "Nite Klub" - The Specials
  • The Specials "Doesn't Make It Alright" - The Specials
  • Larry And His Flask "This Remedy" - This Remedy
  • Larry And His Flask "Home Of The Slaves" - By The Lamplight
  • The Goddamn Gallows "Heaven" - Ghost Of The Rails
  • Greg Rekus "A Contemporary Anarchist" - Siblings Cities
  • The Spewers "Low Life" - Cowshit Corn & Crackheads
  • Precious Things "You Tried Your Best And You Failed. The Lesson Is Never Try" - We Came To Get Hurt
  • The Remedials/Gabe Gill "Welcome To Riot Town" - Honorable Mention
  • Angry Snowmans "Candy Cane Addict" - What We Do Is Festive
  • Angry Snowmans "Fast Reindeer" - What We Do Is Festive
  • Angry Snowmans "Wrecked X-Mas" - What We Do Is Festive


  • Posted on: 25 January 2019
  • By: JonnyBones