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Greeting Ghouls, This week I was joined in the studio by Scott & Ian, 22.3% of the local Vancouver Ska band, BREHDREN. They have been tirelessly working on their new EP entitled "The Classifieds" which gets released this Saturday, June 2nd at the Railway Club. I sat down with the boys and we talked about whats new with the band, spun all of the tracks of the new EP (Including the much anticipated "Space Case III") and laughed an absurd amount about their ridiculously awesome, seemingly endless amount of meta-marketing content that they have created. From a fictional newspaper (Which includes a real functional crossword) to fake movie posters, bobble heads and more. The minds of these two skanksters are always a pleasure to enjoy, but enough of me... on with the show!



  • The Interrupters "Title Holder" - Fight The Good Fight
  • Jimmy Cliff "Ruby Soho" - Sacred Fire EP
  • Rancid "Hooligans" - Life Won't Wait
  • Brehdren "Hairline" - The Classifieds
  • Brehdren "Dan's Haul Crate" - The Classifieds
  • The Beatdown "Hooligans" - Self Titled
  • Bobby Six Killer "Burning Fire" - Rude Rock Meets East Side Reggae
  • The Brass Action "Wreckless" - Single
  • Space Chimp "Stupid Dog" - Self Titled
  • Brehdren "Wild West" - The Classified
  • Brehdren "space Case I" - Out The Window
  • Brehdren "Space Case II" - Out The Window
  • Brehdren "Space Case III" - The Classifieds
  • The Malchicks "Working Class Fairytale" - Winding Back Time
  • The Malchiks "Dr. Skank N Stein" - Skavant-Garde
  • Brehdren "Benny Bones" - The Classifieds
  • Planet Smasher "Missionaries Downfall" - Mighty
  • Subcity Dwellers "Hold The Pressure Down" - Out In The Streets That’s it for another week Creeps, Do yourself a favor and get your butts down to the newly renovated Railway Club. The venue holds a very special place in my heart, and I hope this can be the first of many shows at the venue for our ska scene to once again flourish, but it takes all of us to make these things happen. So lace up your dancing shoes, grab you pork pie hat, and let’s do some dancing this weekend!

 Keep Creepin'
  - Jonny Bones

  • Posted on: 2 June 2018
  • By: JonnyBones