Rad Radio playlist for 05/11/2018

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Greetin's Cretin's, This week I was joined by my dear friends, The Staggers & Jaggs. They've been coming up the the station to spread their infectious fusion of blues, folk, punk and trash with my fine listening audience since the bands inception and every time they come and play live they simply blow me away. The group has been hard at work over past year, crafting their newest effort "Garbage Party", which will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting public next week: Thurs, May 17th to be exact, down at the Fox Cabaret. We spun some tasty tracks, and had the pleasure to be, once again, serenaded live in the studio by these masterful musicians. Trust me kiddies, if you're NOT at the Fox Cabaret next week, you're fucking up.... bad...

  • The Interrupters "She's Kerosene" - Fight The Good Fight
  • The Interrupters "Babylon" - Say It Out Loud
  • Rancid "Telegraph Ave" - Troublemaker
  • Rancid "Intimate close up of a street punk troublemaker" - Troublemaker
  • Staggers & Jaggs "Ring The Bell" - Garbage Party
  • Staggers & Jaggs "GasMask" - *Live*
  • Staggers & Jaggs "Asleep In the Leaves" - *Live*
  • Staggers & Jaggs "The Gallows Whisper" - Garbage Party
  • Staggers & Jaggs "Dreams In Blue" - Garbage Party
  • Devil in the Wood Shack "Devil Does Do" - Self Titled
  • Staggers & Jaggs "Skritch Scratch" - *Live*
  • milk crate bandits "Four of FIve Times" - The View From Out Here
  • old man markley "Blood on our hands" - Down Side Up
  • Fire Next Time "Black Banner" - Cold Hands
  • Fire Next Time "Party Foul" - Knives
  • The Dreadnoughts "Ana Maria" - Foreign Skies
  • Flatfood 56 "Odd Boat" - Odd Boat
  • Flogging Molly "The Seven Deadly Sins" - Within A Mile Of Home
  • Jesse Lebourdais "The First Time That I Scream" - Long Winter
  • Off With Their Heads "Clear The Air" - Won't Be Missed
  • The Still Spirits "Dumb Stumps" - Live at The Nest
  • Posted on: 11 May 2018
  • By: JonnyBones