Rad Radio playlist for 04/19/2018

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Howdy Hooligans,

 This week I was joined in the studio by non other than the one and only Colin Pearson (singluar, like the highlander.... he's the only one) of Vancouver's kings of 90's reference driven punk rock, YOU BIG IDIOT! They've finally completed the epic meal of an album entitled "Mega Donair" which consists of 12 tastey tracks for you to sink your teeth into. The album actually just actually release to world as I type this at 12am on April 20th, 2018.... so you can listen to this podcast, but I highly suggest you quickly go to your music providing platform of choice and give this album a quick download, you will not be dissapointed! 


 Make sure you get your asses off the couch and head down to SBC next friday, April 27th for one hell of a stacked album release bill, including: ATD, The Greatest Sons, Russian Tim and Pavel Bures, The Penskie File & of course YOU BIG IDIOT! That's a whole lot of value for only $15, the same type of value you might also find in say.... a Mega Donair?



  • Uptown Riot "Drinking Song" - Fill the Beers With Backpacks
  • NOFX "California Drought" - Last Ditch Effort
  • NOFX "Oxymoronic" - Last Ditch Effort
  • Jesse Lebourdais "The First Time That I Screamed" - Long Winter
  • You Big Idiot "Gimmie All The Sauces" - Meag Donair
  • You Big Idiot "Jessie's Song" - Mega Donair
  • ATD "Kill Your Selfie" - ATD
  • ATD "Artifical Choice" - ATD
  • Penskie File "Kamakzie Kids" - Come What May
  • Russian Tim & Pavel Bures "Alkogolik" - Self Titled
  • You Big Idiot "One In A Million (The Ballad of Llyod Christmas)" - Mega Donair
  • You Big Idiot "Pigeon Lady" - Mega Donair
  • You Big Idiot "Holo" - Mega Donair
  • The Greatest Sons "Career Paths" - Play through the pain, sing through the strain
  • Diesle Boy "Titty Twister" - Strap On Seven Inch
  • Noah's Arcade "Townhouse 17" - Interdependance
  • Noah's Arcade "your jesus won't save you from a car accident" - Interdependance
  • You Big Idiot "Summer Of Shafe" - Mega Donair
  • You Big Idiot "The Ted Danson Plane" - Mega Donair
  • You Big Idiot "The Ted Danson Plane" - Mega Donair
  • You Big Idiot "Piss In A Can" - Mega Donair
  • You Big Idiot "#Selfie" - Mega Donair
  • The Elixxxirs "Luck Has Run" - Pacific Soundsystem Vol. 2
  • The Upside "Tears Of A Clown" - *English Beat Cover
  • Jonny Bones Ft. Jesse Williams "Gone Away" - *Live
  • The Interrupters "Phantom City" - Say It Out Loud
  • The Beatdown "Hooligans" - Self Titled
  • You Big Idiot "Shitbat" - Mega Donair
  • Posted on: 24 April 2018
  • By: JonnyBones