Rad Radio playlist for 01/24/2019

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This week I was a hair late for our air time.... I blame the fickle heart of a '54 Chevrolet. But, fear not dear listeners, as I was able to remedy and sooth the heart of the metal beast and managed to make my way up to the station in time to meet this weeks guest, Vancouver's very own: ALIEN BOYS! They've got a brand spanking new album entitled, NIGHT DANGER, that's ready to be unleashed Saturday, Feb 9th at the Wise Hall! We gave this album it's inaugural spin on the show and it does not disappoint! So kick back, tune in and turn it up, and for fucks sake MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!!


  • Subcity Dwellers "1st and 55th Ave" - Out On The Streets
  • The Clash "Pressure Drop" - Black Market Clash
  • Fashionism "Smash The State (With Your Face)" - Smash Singles
  • Fashionism "Stop Looking At The Time" - Smash Singles
  • Alien Boys "Night Danger" - Night Danger
  • Alien Boys "A Mintue Of Your Time" - Night Danger
  • Alien Boys "Bender" - Night Danger
  • Dead Cells "This Time" - Demo 2018
  • Starvation "Humanitys Final Breath" - Starvation Demo
  • Alien Boys "Mother Chaos" - Night Danger
  • Alien Boys "Somewhere In The Middle" - Night Danger
  • Alien Boys "Lady Day Vs. The State" - Night Danger
  • Alien Boys "Shadow Puppets" - Night Danger
  • Alien Boys "Dogs" - Night Danger
  • Cloaca "Dysphemism" - Dysphemism
  • Alien Boys "Free Birds" - Night Danger
  • Death Sentence "Live To Die" - Not A Pretty Sight
  • Zombie Cookout "Down We Go" - Zombie Cookout
  • The Dead Hits "H.E. Double Hockey Sticks" - Rocket From Russia Comp
  • Subverter "Sticks And Stones" - Demo 2018
  • Russian Time & Pavel Bures "Alkogolik" - Punkouver Vol. 1
  • The Brass Action "In The Basement" - The Scofflaws Cover
  • Joe Strummer "Gangsterville" - Gangsterville
  • Joe Strummer "Punk Rock Blues" - Gangsterville
  • Posted on: 25 January 2019
  • By: JonnyBones