Open Mic playlist for 12/06/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
Papercuts Laughing Man parallel universe blues
Beach House Master Of None s/t
Mauno Vampire really well
Sloan Suppose They Close the Door navy blues
Altern8 Infiltrate 202 full-on .. mask hysteria
Omni Sincerely Yours networker
Hot Panda Maybe Now go outside
Appliance Aquaplane manual
Deerhoof Numina O offend maggie
Luge Head Boy tall is just a feeling
John Maus Find Out screen memories
No Aloha Sway sway b/w work shirt
Pardoner Can't Be Shown playin' on a cloud
Cherry Glazerr Ohio stuffed & ready
B Boys Instant Pace dudu
Stephen Carl O'Shea Fear Is My Companion shadow steps
Whitney K The Weekend when the party's over
Crystal Eyes The Future no man is an island
Jale Promise dreamcake
Owl Skowl Saunter soap scum b/w saunter
Cool Flowers Mistakes nasty patterns b/w mistakes
Sufjan Stevens That Dress Looks Nice On You seven swans
Pile Hiding Places green and gray
Omni Networker networker
Omni Sleep Mask networker
Mount Kimbie You Look Certain (I'm Not So Sure) love what survives
Mike Molnar I've Been Waiting For You far toward sundown
Tough Customer ???? the worst demo
Pavement Rattled By The Rush wowee zowee
LCD Soundsystem You Wanted A Hit this is happening
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