Open Mic playlist for 11/02/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
Palace Songs Horses Horses/ Stable Will
Big Thief Not Two Hands
SASAMI Take Care Take Care/ Free
Woolworm Let me wear the mask Awe
The Breeders MetaGoth All Nerve
Wares Rice Paper Dress Silhouette
Partner Creature in the Sun In Search of Lost Time
Gal Gracen She’s the Queen Fantasy Garden
Mark Sultan Heart Attack Filthy Rat
The Schizophonics Steely Eyed Lady Steely Eyed Lady
Alimony Don’t Give me Much Release
Brass Occasional Gardener single
OUTTACONTROLLER Downtown Television Zombie
Metz Pig (Sparklehorse) M.E.
Brix & the Extricated Dinosaur Girl Super Blood Wolf Moon
Radioactivity Erased Erased/Fear
Screaming Targets Chain Reaction Carbon Copies
Girls Lust for life Album
Nubiya Garcia Once We out here
The Comet is Coming Start Running Death to the Planet
Sudan Archives Glorious Athena
Rubella Ballet Arctic Flowers Never mind the day-glo here’s Rubella Ballet
Pharmakon Homeostasis Devour
Passive Not Pray No. 2
Molly Nilsson The Lonely These things take time
Automatic Strange Conversations Signal
Field Music Only in a man’s world Making a new world
Automelodi La Poussiere Mirages au futur verre-brise
Datafreq DDMN-CTRL The Elegance of Circuitry
Program Audio: 

Slow tide roll waves play faves The waves tonight were  a long  and slow build from lo-fi Appalachian crooning  through various renditions of power pop, a teensy tad of garage rock, breaking in a jazz freakout and leading into anarcho, noise, darkwave and post-punk

  • Posted on: 24 April 2022
  • By: anik