Open Mic playlist for 10/08/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Busty And The Bass Out of Love Eddie
Busty And The Bass Kids Eddie
Busty And The Bass Eddie Eddie
Sam Rae Ten Thousand Years Ten Thousand Years
Sam Rae Colors of the Highway Ten Thousand Years
Sam Rae Waukee Ten Thousand Years
Kllo Still Here Maybe We Could
Kllo Insomnia Maybe We Could
Kllo Somehow Maybe We Could
Liza Anne Bad Vacation Bad Vacation
Liza Anne Terrible Discovery Bad Vacation
Liza Anne I Shouldn't Ghost My Therapist Bad Vacation
Nikola Death Ray Contigo Evol
Nikola Death Ray Funnel of Love Evol
Nikola Death Ray Love Kills Evol
Shehehe Schoolkid Wonder Years Pet Songs
Shehehe New Year's Eve Eve Pet Songs
Program Audio: 

Jumbalaya 2020 1008 Jacky Shen ,Jumbalaya 2020 1008 Jacky Shen with new albums from CJSF HD Playlist, featuring music from Busty And The Bass, Sam Rae, Liza Anne, Nikola Death Ray, Kllo and Shehehe.

  • Posted on: 2 April 2022
  • By: anik