Open Mic playlist for 10/07/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Land of Talk Weight of that Weekend Indistinct Conversations
Thanya Iyer Please Don't Hold Me Hostage for Who I Am, for Who I Was Kind
Banoffee Count on You Look At Us Now Dad
Cassowary Price Went Up Cassowary
Lexxicon Doing to Me (ft. Alliston Davis) Tropical R&B
Busty and the Bass ET Eddie
clipping. Chapter 319 Chapter 319
BLU & Exile Music is My Everything (ft Choosey & Jimetta Rose) Miles
Waahli No Fly Zone / Wait Soap Opera
Puppet Mouth Telomeres continued use despite adverse consequences
Mi'ens Rifft Valley Future Child
Soft Fossil Cyber Funeral Dark Star
Cable Ties Hope Far Enough
Cry Out War Aesthetic More Echoes Of A Question Never Answered... Why?
Program Audio: 
  • Posted on: 1 April 2022
  • By: anik