Open Mic playlist for 10/05/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
Advance Base Young and Insane Tomorrow's Homes Today
Sunny Day Encore Intoxicate Rememberable
Y La Bamba Gabriel Entre Los Dos
Excellent Jacket Birds Birds You’ll do better next time
Gong Gong Gong Some Kind of Demon Phantom Rhythm
Dead Soft The Static ~
Vivian Girls Sludge Memory
The Paranoyds Ratboy Carnage Bargain
Death Valley Girls Disaster is what we’re after Darkness Reigns
Taco Cat Little Friend This Mess is A Plac
Brutal Poodle Crowd Control Crowd Control/ Low Tide
Woolworm Hold the Bow Awe
Bloodshot Bill Bloodshot Shook Shake
The Evaporators Can’t Be Shaved Ogopogo Punk
Cub Nicolas Bragg - Live Betti-Cola
Eddie & the Hot Rods Teenage Depression Teenage Depression
The Muffs Agony Blonder and Blonder
Mean Jeans I fell into a Bog Gigantic Sike
Downtown Boys Monstro Full Communism
Dog Faced Hermans Jan 9 Hum of Life
Getachew Mekurya Yegenet Muzica Negus of Ethiopian Sax
Nehiyawak Otenaw nipiy
Corridor Domino Junior
Automatic Signal Signal
La Neve A pretty Red The Vital Cord
Data freq Arcade Junkie The Elegance of Circuitry
Ambien Baby Stab me Tack
Ambien Baby Sacrifico Tack
Heiki Nova Tower of Acid
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  • Posted on: 26 April 2022
  • By: anik