Open Mic playlist for 10/04/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
John Maus Pets screen memories
Kittens Carpenter tiger comet
Shopping Asking for a Friend the official body
Humans Boys & Girls the feels
Lightning Dust Loaded Gun fantasy
Knife, The You Make Me Like Charity deep cuts
Mauno Other Bad tuning
Miranda Winters A Hardly Garden Plot Intro xobeci, what grows here?
Miranda Winters A Hardly Garden Plot xobeci, what grows here
Sasami Not The Time s/t
Washed Out Get Lost mr. mellow
Mount Kimbie Delta love what survives
Super Friendz Little Things love energy
John Maus Touchdown screen memories
Nice Apple Apple Scruffs (cover) cruel apple nice sport
Humans The Feels the feels
Axis: Sova Terminal Holiday shampoo you
Thee Oh Sees Penetrating Eye drop
Paula Black Acura relaxed fit
Pile A Labyrinth with No Center green and grey
Pile Lord of Calendars green and grey
Pile Bruxist Grin green and grey
Program Audio: 

FunDrive.  Jumbalayerrr w/o new music

  • Posted on: 28 April 2022
  • By: anik