Open Mic playlist for 09/13/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
BLACK METEORIS STAR F1 purr atraxxxxion Disco
CAMP OF WOLVES It's all on fire Hill of cedar
CHRIS CONDE Year of the queer with K.DEATH and F.VIRTUE Conde digital
CLOUD NOTHINGS A silent reaction The black hole understands
CRY OUT Why? More echoes of a question never answered
FONTAINES D.C Televised mind A hero's death
HELVETIA Inverted This devastating map
HOWLING Phases Colure
JESSY LANZA All the time All the time
KRIEF The light between your eyes Chemical trance
LAND OF TALK Diaphanous Indistinct conversations
Program Audio: 
  • Posted on: 2 April 2022
  • By: anik