Open Mic playlist for 07/28/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Owen Pallett Polar Vortex Island
Ora Cogan Sleeping Bells in the Ruins
Fiona Apple I Want You to Love Fetch the Bolt Cutt
Junia-T THinking it Over Studio Monk
Pantayo Eclipse Pantayo
Katranade 10% Bubba
U.S. Girls Overtime Heavy Light
Caveboy Silk for Gold Nightin the Park, Kiss in the Dark
Puruty Ring Stardew Womb
The Pack A.D. Check Enging Light It Was Fun While it Lasted
The Dream Syndicate The Longing The Universal Inside
Whoop-Szo Cut Your Hair Warrier Down Remix
Pansy Division Political Asshole The Essentiual
Program Audio: 

Check Engine Light A peek at the Polaris Shortlist and what's up tonight at Pride online.Owen Pallet, Ora Cogan, Fiona Apple, Junia-T, Pantayo, Kaytranada,  U.S. Girls, Caveboy, Purity Girls, The Pack A.D., The Dream Syndicate, Whoop-Szo, Pansy Division

  • Posted on: 3 April 2022
  • By: anik